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I Love Design
I have been in the graphic design/marketing field for 10 years. I enjoy the constant drive to discover new trends and technologies in the ever evolving design world. Design used to be very easily defined. However, in today’s competitive market, a designer needs to be a programmer, social media guru, SEO expert, account manager, project manager, as well as a designer.

Creating is FUN
You never know when the creative juices will strike. I sometimes wake up at 2 am compelled to create… not something I expect a client to follow. I just love being able to dream and build whenever I can.

Enjoy where you live
I live in Reno Nevada and love this place. Does it matter? Maybe not, but I can quickly access the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe for a day of snowboarding and then head back down the hill for 18 holes of golf. This is a hidden gem of a town that hopefully maintains its special charm.